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Have you heard of Kenny Sia? He is a famous blogger from East Malaysia who blogs on almost everything such as advertisements, vacations, his business and even his personal stories. Thought of blogging about your business before? Probably not since blogs are mainly used as a diary or journal. It can propel your business forward provided you are using it the right way.

When you are doing business, what people are buying from you is your trust. When your buyers made their mind to purchase your products or services, they already decide to place their trust in your corporation, your services and most importantly you! Trust is not gained by just convincing and persuading people. You have to take action. Make sure that your blog is highly centered on information based on your niche. Sharing of good contents makes you credible which build confidence in them.

In other words, use a blog as a mean to talk to your customers directly. The best part of using a blog is it allows two-way communication and not just one-way. Unlike conventional advertisement which relies on graphics and visualization, try approaching from a different perspective. Instead of attracting attention, the main objective is to let prospects approach you. Let them ask you which services or products suit them best.

If your business is very big, people will unconsciously feel distant with your business. They will think your business is not approachable which will not bring good results. You can use your blog to communicate with your readers and get their feedback like how a buddy would. Apart from just creating your products and services from your product development team, why not build a product which prospects are looking for. That will break the barrier between a big company and their customers.

On the other hand, small businesses want to seem as large as possible instead of being personal with their prospects. It does make a difference, as people might feel that a bigger company has a larger pool of resources and has higher capability in producing more quality products. When you are out shopping for running shoes, wouldn’t you be inclined to choose Nike and Adidas due to their quality? So company size does matter. These different approaches are to take advantage of its positioning in the market. A better positioning determines how successful a company can be.

Take note that it is always better to target the right prospects rather than just exposing your blog to everyone. Remember that having a blog is just the start of creating value to your business and not the end of most of your problems.

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